[Kete] kete 1.2 cannot add item in

Andy Robertson andrew.robertson at natlib.govt.nz
Fri Mar 12 14:17:04 NZDT 2010


Just to clarify.  You have a testing setup, the one you've been trying to get to work.  Its working now which is great.

There is another Kete installation ?  Your workmate has set this other kete up and volunteers have entered information into.  Its producing the odd 404 when they go to view information on the kete.  This could be caused by the zebra index on that kete having records in its index but there is no matching record on the file system of the server or perhaps in the mysql database.  Sometimes the zebra index can get out of sync with the other two.  

Its always good to have some test data so if you don't want to drop the whole database and start again just rebuild the zebra index.  This should fix many of the 404's.  The zebra index will then only present what it finds on the rebuild.


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