[Kete] kete 1.2 cannot add item in

Walter McGinnis walter at katipo.co.nz
Fri Mar 12 13:32:15 NZDT 2010

On Mar 12, 2010, at 1:27 PM, hoa lean wrote:

> Hi Walter,
> Just another question. I bump into some 404 errors. But I don't think the cause is on Kete, maybe on the volunteer people when they test inputing data.  We are a charity organization, so heavily based on volunteer.
> I want to clean the database and start testing from scratch. I think I inherit the data that my colleague work on before she is in holiday. Luckily, we are still in testing phase.  How can I clean the data. Which tables that I can empty so the site back to the default state.
> About install Yaz and Zebra from source, I follow what Andy wrote.
> Thanks a lot again,
> An

Hi An,

I think I previously mentioned "rake kete:tools:reset".  This command will clear the mysql database and Zebra's database.  You then start over again from the "Configure" step after restarting the web server and stopping backgroundrb.


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