[Koha] Call number display in holdings table and

Katrin Fischer katrin.fischer.83 at web.de
Wed Feb 7 10:14:49 NZDT 2024

Hi Andrew,

there is no way to display bibliographic information in the holdings
table. What you can do is set the itemcallnumber system preference to
082a. Then if you add an item, it will copy the value from 082$a to
952$o as a suggestion for your callnumber.

You could also consider changing the XSLT files to display 082$a in the
bibliographic information above the table. But if you want to use the
inventory module etc. effectively, I think you need to make sure to set
the callnumbers within the items properly.

The error you see when clicking on the detail page could be an indexing
issue. Did you make any other changes to the frameworks and mappings?
I'd first try to reindex.

Hope this helps,


On 05.02.24 20:36, Andrew Hartung wrote:
> Sorry, I should have added that I'm running koha 23.11. I don't have
> access to the server now, so I'm not sure of the minor version but not
> the most recent release, probably, 23.11.01
> On Monday 05 February 2024 01:28:16 PM (-06:00), Andrew Hartung wrote:
> > I need the call number field from Marc21 082a displayed in the
> holdings table in the bibliographic detail of the record in the OPAC.
> > > > I tried using the value builder cn_browser.pl, but it did
> nothing. I removed it from the marc framework and now when clicking on
> the title of a book from the catalog search screen gives this error:
> > > > "The record you requested does not exist()."
> > > > However, if I click on the pic of the book cover, the record
> displays fine. What can I do to fix this and display the call number
> in that table?
> > > Thank you,
> > Andrew Hartung
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