[Koha] Call number display in holdings table and

Andrew Hartung kolvir73 at gmail.com
Tue Feb 6 08:36:44 NZDT 2024

Sorry, I should have added that I'm running koha 23.11. I don't have access 
to the server now, so I'm not sure of the minor version but not the most 
recent release, probably, 23.11.01

On Monday 05 February 2024 01:28:16 PM (-06:00), Andrew Hartung wrote:

 > I need the call number field from Marc21 082a displayed in the holdings 
table in the bibliographic detail of the record in the OPAC.
 > I tried using the value builder cn_browser.pl, but it did nothing. I 
removed it from the marc framework and now when clicking on the title of a 
book from the catalog search screen gives this error:
 > "The record you requested does not exist()."
 > However, if I click on the pic of the book cover, the record displays 
fine. What can I do to fix this and display the call number in that table?
 > Thank you,
 > Andrew Hartung

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