[Koha] Koha Login Error

Rudy Hinojosa rudy.hinojosa at lightwavelibrary.com
Fri Feb 2 14:23:55 NZDT 2024

I noticed this too, right after upgrading from 23.05.07 to 23.11. 500 error after logging in. plack logs are not conclusive, but syslog showed this:

2024-02-02 1:08:57 54 [Warning] Aborted connection 54 to db: 'koha_xxxx' user: 'koha_xxxx' host: 'localhost' (Got an error reading communication packets)
Running Ubuntu latest LTS, and mariadb.
Reverting back to 23.05.07 for now on a production system.

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> Today's Topics:
> 1. Feb. 2024 possibility of Koha list delivery problems for
> Gmail, etc. (Thomas Dukleth)
> 2. Re: Koha login error (Magnus Enger)
> 3. The Terrific Every-Other-Thursday Training Video |
> Restricting Circulation | 411 (BRANNON, CHRISTOPHER)
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> Message: 1
> Date: Thu, 1 Feb 2024 02:53:23 -0000
> From: "Thomas Dukleth" <kohalist at agogme.com>
> To: koha at lists.katipo.co.nz
> Subject: [Koha] Feb. 2024 possibility of Koha list delivery problems
> for Gmail, etc.
> Message-ID:
> <8dc9e682cd7649325de9ce90c259d17f.squirrel at wmail.agogme.com>
> Content-Type: text/plain;charset=utf-8
> There is the possibility that users of large email services, such as
> Gmail, Yahoo, etc. may have problems receiving some email sometime in
> February for lack of correct implementation of anti-spam authentication
> protocols.
> 1. Adequate Corrections Mostly Prepared But Extra Caution for the Koha
> General Mailing List.
> The Koha mailing lists should have all been corrected in a way which may
> be adequate while people work on setting up a new system for the mailing
> lists. However, the Koha general mailing is lagging behind good response
> perhaps in the hope that another party to take over the list would have
> taken over already, or perhaps it was partly fixed but someone forgot to
> update the serial number and I had omitted the serial number from my
> previous instructions.
> The new email delivery policy at large email providers, such as Gmail etc.
> could include some subscribers to the Koha general mailing list affecting
> their ability to receive email from sources not properly authenticated.
> The new policy has distinct rules for both large volume senders which
> could possibly be the mailing list with enough Gmail subscribers but the
> Koha general mailing list may need to meet the large volume sender
> requirement with DMARC support so that what is missing from the small
> volume sender requirement continues to be given a pass.
> 2. Related Issue for Koha Installations.
> If mail servers for systems sending notices etc. to patrons do not have
> all the expected configuration, patron recipients using Gmail, etc. may
> also be affected but probably would have had problems previously. It
> would be prudent to confirm that the mail server sending messages is
> reaching Gmail, etc. users without problem by having SPF and DMARC
> settings in the DNS and applies DKIM signatures to messages.
> 3. Effect of February Changes for Gmail, etc. Mailing List Subscribers.
> We do not know what will happen if anything but people should be prepared
> for the possibility of a disruption in receiving some email at large
> providers, such as Gmail, etc. which might not appear in the spam box or
> anywhere. If mailing list messages appear in the spam box, a filter can
> be added by people in their Gmail, etc. settings. If messages stop
> arriving even and do not even appear in the spam box the server sending
> email for the mailing list will need more configuration.
> Sending messages to the list will continue to work as will the mailing
> list archives which can be read while we set up a new system. If you are
> unlucky enough to confirm that no mailing list messages are arriving for
> you not even in your spam box and yet they appear in the mailing list
> archive you may report that the issue affects this mailing list system
> which they use, Gmail etc. in
> https://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=34927 . The
> mailing list would be shown to need more server configuration while people
> work on setting up a new system. Meanwhile, you might also try at least
> temporarily resubscribing to the mailing list from a different email
> provider with less strict authentication policies for delivering messages.
> Mailing lists are not the primary target of the new stricter policies for
> Gmail, etc. but they are included.
> Mailing list messages would have failed long ago for Gmail, etc. except
> that we have the advantage of having authentication attached to messages
> from the original author forwarded via the mailing list. They mostly
> carry the DKIM signature from the original author. Gmail has not recently
> been validating DKIM signatures which would fail when sent from the
> mailing list because of small changes when the message is resent by the
> mailing list with the mailing list footer, etc. Also, Gmail has recently
> been passing messages with SPF and DMARC records in the originating server
> DNS and no DKIM signatures.
> Relying on authentication from the original author as opposed to the
> mailing list forwarder is not correct for DMARC and DKIM and might now
> fail unless mailing lists are treated a little more leniently at least
> initially. Library of Congress run mailing lists which I examined a few
> days ago did not have DMARC mitigation for correct From header attribution
> as from the author via the mailing list address but did have a DMARC DNS
> record which is currently missing for the Koha general mailing list.
> Email originating from governments may have their own special rules for
> delivery at Gmail, etc.
> In my current testing, new subscription confirmation messages for the Koha
> general list do not appear in the Gmail, not even in the spam box.
> However, mailing list message delivery to Gmail etc. may continue to have
> a free pass from the authentication of the original author's message.
> The need for DMARC support authenticating the mailing list as the actual
> originator of messages on the mailing list as opposed to the message
> author has been raised previously and it has been tested on the Koha-devel
> mailing list and may now be implemented on all the Koha mailing lists
> except for the general list.
> 4. Please be Nice to the People Who Gave Koha to the World.
> The Koha general mailing list is a special problem only because Katipo for
> which we are all grateful for giving Koha to the world no longer has the
> capacity to actively maintain the Koha general mailing list which has been
> fine as the existing configuration was good for a very long time and did
> not seriously require maintenance until recently. Even though DMARC
> support is a trivial matter of changing three lines and (maybe updating a
> DNS serial number for 4 lines), it has not happened for Katipo in the past
> few months since I have raised the issue.
> It may be possible that people assisting Rachel Hamilton-Williams are not
> certain where DNS is configured for lists.katipo.co.nz to update that
> record for DMARC support. DNS configuration could be at the domain
> registrar, some intermediate service, some VPS hosting provider, or on the
> very system which runs the katipo.co.nz server or lists.katipo.co.nz
> server.
> If using BIND for DNS line to add would be:
> _dmarc.lists.katipo.co.nz. IN TXT "v=DMARC1; p=none"
> or the equivalent in some other system where the leading underscore is
> needed and the policy is "p=none" matches the DNS configuration for the
> the BibLibre managed Koha mailing lists such as the Koha-devel list. If
> using BIND, the zone file where lists.katipo.co.nz is configured would
> need a serial number update. The BIND9 daemon would also restart. Maybe
> a change was made without a serial number update or daemon restart.
> There are two equally trivial Mailman configuration changes also needed
> but a DNS update for DMARC comes first.
> I have sent messages but response discussion was only about having another
> party take over running the mailing list for more active maintenance which
> would necessarily take time and the Koha community is pursuing a new
> system which takes time.
> 5. New System Fixes Everything Except New Problems.
> Please be patient.
> People are working on setting up, configuring, testing etc. a new system
> which can give people email for doing everything and a message forum for
> people who prefer forums instead of email which is important because
> mailing list engagement is declining everywhere. People need time from
> the other more pressing tasks of every day to work on all that is
> necessary for a fully working system.
> I have weeks of research into various issues for configuration, bugs, some
> tests etc. If we rush things we may have much unhappiness with any of a
> variety of common problems: from email not working properly;posts mangled;
> message lists jumbled where distinctive content is difficult to find;
> database backups silently corrupted and not restoring after a software
> update; contented list readers having their accounts deleted after a time;
> etc. People need to take time to do things reasonably well so that
> unpleasant surprises are minimised.
> I expect that it may take several weeks to a few months for a new system
> to be well setup, configured, tested, reconfigured, and retested before we
> should have confidence in a new system informed by the problems which
> other people had before us. Meanwhile, fixing DMARC on Mailman 2.1 which
> we are running is trivial by comparison.
> 6. Reference.
> See the message I posted on the Koha-devel mailing list about prospective
> delivery problems especially the prospect for the Koha general mailing
> list, "[Koha-devel] Feb. 2024 prospects of Koha lists delivery problems
> for Gmail, etc." -
> https://lists.koha-community.org/pipermail/koha-devel/2023-November/048441.html
> . [I resolved the ARC permissions problem mentioned in the message by
> having the startup script change the permissions but with DMARC Gmail has
> been satisfied in my testing even when DKIM and ARC are not present.]
> Please report verified mailing list receipt problems in "Bug 34927 -
> Adding DMARC compatibility to mailing lists" -
> https://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=34927 . [Once
> someone has reported that mailing list X messages are not being accepted
> by subscribers using big service Y , not even in the spam box, we do not
> need the same information again. Not every user of some big mail service
> may have the same experience because such large services do not tend to
> implement changes worldwide all at the same time.]
> Thomas Dukleth
> Agogme
> 109 E 9th Street, 3D
> New York, NY 10003
> http://www.agogme.com
> +1 212-674-3783
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> Message: 2
> Date: Thu, 1 Feb 2024 08:28:58 +0100
> From: Magnus Enger <magnus at libriotech.no>
> To: koha at lists.katipo.co.nz
> Subject: Re: [Koha] Koha login error
> Message-ID: <0e0c1c30-52c8-4ed2-a8e3-7a6a29d6b4e5 at libriotech.no>
> Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8; format=flowed
> Hi!
> Den 31.01.2024 22:09, skrev MASTeR Library:
> > Dear sri, koha when logging in the following error is coming what should be
> > done to fix this.
> > n error has occurred!*Error 500*This message may have been caused by any of
> > the following reasons:
> When there is a "500 error" you cannot tell from just looking at the
> interface what the real problem is. You, or someone else with access to
> the server Koha is running on, need to log on to the server and look at
> the logs, preferably "live" while the error is being triggered.
> The way I do this is to run this:
> sudo tail -f /var/log/koha/<instancename>/plack*.log
> ...while I trigger the error. The logs will hopefully give more details
> about what is happening.
> Hope that helps!
> Magnus
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> Message: 3
> Date: Thu, 1 Feb 2024 16:05:47 +0000
> From: "BRANNON, CHRISTOPHER" <CBRANNON at cdalibrary.org>
> To: " (koha at lists.katipo.co.nz)" <koha at lists.katipo.co.nz>
> Subject: [Koha] The Terrific Every-Other-Thursday Training Video |
> Restricting Circulation | 411
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> <LV2PR19MB58622E61BE2451D9E0F66D80A4432 at LV2PR19MB5862.namprd19.prod.outlook.com>
> Content-Type: text/plain; charset="us-ascii"
> Not all accounts are created equal. Some have a special purpose, and need to be treated differently. Particularly in ways that Koha itself does not give us options for. Until now. George will walk us through some jQuery adjustments that will allow you to limit checkouts to particular borrower categories based on the library you are logged in as. This may be an important feature to some, but I think George just likes the power.
> https://youtu.be/hbVWaXBHNmQ
> Sincerely,
> Christopher Brannon
> koha-US Admin
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