[Koha] Koha login error

Magnus Enger magnus at libriotech.no
Thu Feb 1 20:28:58 NZDT 2024


Den 31.01.2024 22:09, skrev MASTeR Library:
> Dear sri, koha when logging in the following error is coming what should be
> done to fix this.
> n error has occurred!*Error 500*This message may have been caused by any of
> the following reasons:

When there is a "500 error" you cannot tell from just looking at the 
interface what the real problem is. You, or someone else with access to 
the server Koha is running on, need to log on to the server and look at 
the logs, preferably "live" while the error is being triggered.

The way I do this is to run this:

sudo tail -f /var/log/koha/<instancename>/plack*.log

...while I trigger the error. The logs will hopefully give more details 
about what is happening.

Hope that helps!

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