[Koha] Rabbitmq

Andrew R Hartung kolvir73 at gmail.com
Sat Dec 2 12:53:47 NZDT 2023

So is there any advice on what I should do? Do I need to reinstall the OS 
to a LTS version and reinstall koha? I really hope to avoid this, but if 
that is necessary, so be it.
If so, what is recommended procedure to save and then import all of my koha 
catalog, preferences, etc.. into the new system?

So in a moment of stupidity I updated my server to Ubuntu 23.10 and 
rabbitMQ will not build. I thought I was on the LTS, but wasn't. Koha 
states that it is using SQL messaging. What are the ramifications from 
this? I don't actually understand how rabbitMQ is used by koha.

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