[Koha] Slow Item Edit Routines

Jonathan Druart jonathan.druart at bugs.koha-community.org
Wed Aug 30 19:00:39 NZST 2023

Hi Rudy,

Do you have a lot of item types?

Do you have a lot of items for this bibliographic record?


Le mar. 22 août 2023 à 15:39, Rudy Hinojosa
<rudy.hinojosa at lightwavelibrary.com> a écrit :
> Using v23.05.02 release has been a great experience thus far, but I am
> noticing that the system is doing something CPU or process intrinsic
> when it comes to editing an item. I'm unable to edit any single field or
> trigger a drop down until at least 15 seconds have passed. I'm leaning
> that there is some process probably pre-loading  and populating the KOHA
> ITEM TYPE drop downs. The system becomes hog tied until this process is
> completed. After that, it's smooth sailing and fast saving as well.
> I've disabled catalog logging changes for now to see if that helps, but
> outside of that, does anyone have any suggestions. The server is beefy.
> The user loads are light. All systems are nominal including memcached,
> and no warning in the about us screens.
> Rudy Hinojosa
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