[Koha] Slow Item Edit Routines

Rudy Hinojosa rudy.hinojosa at lightwavelibrary.com
Wed Aug 23 00:39:34 NZST 2023

Using v23.05.02 release has been a great experience thus far, but I am 
noticing that the system is doing something CPU or process intrinsic 
when it comes to editing an item. I'm unable to edit any single field or 
trigger a drop down until at least 15 seconds have passed. I'm leaning 
that there is some process probably pre-loading  and populating the KOHA 
ITEM TYPE drop downs. The system becomes hog tied until this process is 
completed. After that, it's smooth sailing and fast saving as well.  
I've disabled catalog logging changes for now to see if that helps, but 
outside of that, does anyone have any suggestions. The server is beefy. 
The user loads are light. All systems are nominal including memcached, 
and no warning in the about us screens.

Rudy Hinojosa

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