[Koha] Background jobs stuck at "New" and can't be kick-started

Aleisha Amohia aleisha at catalyst.net.nz
Thu Oct 13 10:23:14 NZDT 2022

Hi all,

We're having some problems with background jobs and hoping we can get 
some advice.

Running Koha 22.05.05, we have 25 background jobs stuck at New. Some are 
batch item record modifications, some are holds queue updates.

I've tried restarted rabbit-mq and the koha-worker but it hasn't seemed 
to pick up the jobs, using these commands:

$ sudo koha-worker --stop <sitename>
$ sudo service rabbitmq-server stop
$ sudo koha-worker --start <sitename>

$ sudo koha-worker --stop <sitename>
$ sudo service rabbitmq-server start
$ sudo koha-worker --start <sitename>

The biblionumbers and itemnumbers that the jobs are trying to affect are 
all legitimate records in the database.

Would appreciate any ideas or suggestions from the community.

*Aleisha Amohia (she/her)*
Koha Technical Lead
*Catalyst IT - Expert Open Source Solutions*

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