[Koha] Classification rules, manual incomplete, keep hyphens?

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Hi Tasha,

I confess, I'm the one guilty of that section... I unfortunately never 
learned LC in school or in work (I've only worked with Dewey), and I 
tried to read the code for the LC filing routine and didn't understand a 
word. Ideally someone with knowledge of perl (or whatever language it is 
written in) and LC should look at the filing rule code and either write 
the section or tell someone on the docs team how it works so they can 
write it.

As for your 2nd question, I don't think there is a way to create custom 
filing rules in Koha (unless you do it through coding, if you know how 
to code, I think pretty much anything is doable).


On 2021-11-23 20 h 26, Bales (US), Tasha R wrote:
> The section of the Koha manual that describes classification filing rules appears to be missing a section.  The portion that describes the respective rules for Dewey, generic, LCC, ends abruptly when it gets to LCC, as follows:
> "The LCC filing routine generates a sorted call number by following these rules: " [no rules are given]
> See, https://koha-community.org/manual/21.05/en/html/administration.html?highlight=classification#classification-filing-rules
> Anyone know what text goes there?  Also, has anyone created custom filing rules?  Although I can create a new classification source, it looks like a new source can only be an amalgamation of the existing filing and splitting rules.  What I really need is something that does not remove hyphens.  I'm having a heck of time getting numbers like this to sort correctly (they just don't):
> 1F-15A-1
> 1F-15A-01 (I'd expect this to be first)
> 1F-15A-1CL-1
> 1F-15A-06 (This should go after "-01")
> 1F-15A-6
> 1F-15A-6CF-1
> 1F-15A-17
> 1F-15A-21
> 1F-15A-4-6 (I'd really like to see this before "-6")
> The above is how they sort in the OPAC using an ascending "Call number" sort.  Assuming all hyphens are stripped out, I can't make sense of the sort.  However, I did notice that despite all of these items having classification scheme set to "generic", the "Other/Generic Classification Scheme" in Koha Administration, Classification sources, showed that the "In use" value for that scheme was "No".  I changed it to "Yes", but am not sure what to expect after having done so.
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