[Koha] Classification rules, manual incomplete, keep hyphens?

Bales (US), Tasha R tasha.r.bales at boeing.com
Wed Nov 24 14:26:48 NZDT 2021

The section of the Koha manual that describes classification filing rules appears to be missing a section.  The portion that describes the respective rules for Dewey, generic, LCC, ends abruptly when it gets to LCC, as follows:

"The LCC filing routine generates a sorted call number by following these rules: " [no rules are given]

See, https://koha-community.org/manual/21.05/en/html/administration.html?highlight=classification#classification-filing-rules

Anyone know what text goes there?  Also, has anyone created custom filing rules?  Although I can create a new classification source, it looks like a new source can only be an amalgamation of the existing filing and splitting rules.  What I really need is something that does not remove hyphens.  I'm having a heck of time getting numbers like this to sort correctly (they just don't):

1F-15A-01 (I'd expect this to be first)
1F-15A-06 (This should go after "-01")
1F-15A-4-6 (I'd really like to see this before "-6")

The above is how they sort in the OPAC using an ascending "Call number" sort.  Assuming all hyphens are stripped out, I can't make sense of the sort.  However, I did notice that despite all of these items having classification scheme set to "generic", the "Other/Generic Classification Scheme" in Koha Administration, Classification sources, showed that the "In use" value for that scheme was "No".  I changed it to "Yes", but am not sure what to expect after having done so.

Tasha Bales
Enterprise Services

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