[Koha] Email configuration reg

Tim McMahon tmcmahon at wlpl.org
Wed Nov 24 07:04:39 NZDT 2021

I haven't tried it since I don't use Gmail, but Koha has a file in 
misc/cronjobs called CONFIGURE.gmail that has some information about 
setting it up.

On 11/22/21 4:26 AM, Chitti Babu B wrote:
> Respected Sir,
> Iam Chitti Babu B,Librarian,J.H.A Agarsen College,Chennai,Tamil
> Nadu,India.i had installed Koha latest version on Linux Ubuntu.i wanted to
> send email alerts to my patrons for books which are overdue.we don`t have
> an email server.We installed POSTFIX.We tried to configure email in our
> server.It says email sent to patron.Bit when we checked in th inbox and
> spam there is no email.Source mail id is created for Library using
> GMAlL.Recepient email is also GMAIL.I need your help.Kindly guide to fix
> the problem.Also tell the proper steps to be followed for email
> configuration.
> Thanking You.
> Yours truly,
> B Chitti Babu.
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