[Koha] Email configuration reg

Chitti Babu B bchitti912 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 22 23:26:12 NZDT 2021

Respected Sir,
Iam Chitti Babu B,Librarian,J.H.A Agarsen College,Chennai,Tamil
Nadu,India.i had installed Koha latest version on Linux Ubuntu.i wanted to
send email alerts to my patrons for books which are overdue.we don`t have
an email server.We installed POSTFIX.We tried to configure email in our
server.It says email sent to patron.Bit when we checked in th inbox and
spam there is no email.Source mail id is created for Library using
GMAlL.Recepient email is also GMAIL.I need your help.Kindly guide to fix
the problem.Also tell the proper steps to be followed for email

Thanking You.

Yours truly,
B Chitti Babu.

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