[Koha] Making a field into a drop down menu

Katrin Fischer katrin.fischer.83 at web.de
Tue Oct 6 07:51:10 NZDT 2020

Hi John,

the configuration alone should be enough. Some things to check maybe:

- if there are multiple frameworks installed, you will have to make the
change for all of them.
- if you have used SQL to change it, it might still cache the old value.
A restart (Plack, Memcached) helps here.
- Did you configure itemtypes? (Administration > Item types)

Hope this helps,


On 04.10.20 13:01, John Fawcett wrote:
> Hi
> first of all let me say I'm completely new to Koha and am taking a look
> at it potentially to use in a school library. So thanks to all the
> people that have contributed to making the software what it is today.
> It's been a bit of a learning curve. First off, I tried and abandoned
> the idea of installing on my existing Centos 8 server and took the
> easier path of using the packaged install on latest Ubuntu release on a
> new dedicated server, following this link:
> https://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Debian
> I did find an issue that stopped me installing mariadb due to
> incompatible versions, but mysql installed without problems.
> Needing to use Italian, I did run into some issues in the provided sql
> which I had to tweak in order to get the install to correctly finish
> without violating not null constraints (on the 307 record in the
> marc_subfield_structure).
> So now I've got an up and running installation which I'm trying out, but
> one thing which I cannot work out.
> After adding a Unimarc record, I'm on the editor for adding items.
> There's a field 995 r "Type of item and material" (or in my version
> "Tipo della copia e materiale". This is a free input text field, not a
> drop down menu limited to a list of predefined values.
> In the Italian translation this field did not have any
> "authorised_value" in the table marc_subfield_structure. I've modified
> with the value itemtypes. However for some reason this does not seem to
> make the field into a drop down menu in the staff GUI. So my  question
> to more experienced users are: after changing the "authorised_value" do
> I need to run a script or restart something in order to get the free
> text field to change into a drop down menu?
> Or is there a different way of doing that?
> thanks for any help.
> John
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