[Koha] Frameworks and Their Purpose

Eric Bégin eric.begin at inLibro.com
Tue Jul 7 13:14:11 NZST 2020

Hi Charles,

As far as I know, there is no way to change the records framework in 
batch editing.

If I had to do it, I would update the data directly in the database.

The framework is defined as the 'frameworkcode' column of the 'biblio' 

Hope that helps !


On 7/6/2020 8:51 PM, Charles Kelley wrote:
> Hi, all!
>      In our earliest exchange, on 6 Jul 2020 at 14:09, I wrote among other
> things:
>>     I have been looking for an answer to the following question, but I've
>> been unable to find one: What are the purpose and use of the frameworks?
> [etc., etc., etc.]
>      In an exchange on 6 Jul 2020 at 09:08, Caroline Cyr-La-Rose responded
> among other things:
> Frameworks are cataloguing "forms". You can use many different ones or just
>> the default one.
> [etc., etc., etc.]
>      In an exchange on 6 Jul 2020 at 10:12, John Sterbenz responded among
> other things:
> Frameworks give me the ability to do something I wished my previous catalog
>> could do but didn't--customized OPAC and staff-side field labels (all the
>> way down to the subfield level, which is a really nice bonus).  While the
>> "provided" ones focus on format, you have the ability to create brand new
>> ones, so if you have several collection of "regular old books" that you
>> would want to which you want to assign and create new frameworks, you can
>> do so easily.
> [etc., etc., etc.]
>      Thank you both. I understand now.
>      I do have a follow-up question: Is it possible in Koha to change a
> framework of a group records en masse? For example, if I have a group of
> 747 maps (949 $c = "MAP") but their framework is BKS, can I change the
> framework to MAP through Koha in one fell swoop (and if so, how so); or
> must I painstakingly change them one at a time?
>      I have tried exporting them into MarcEdit and importing them anew into
> Koha while selecting "Import this batch into the catalog" with "Add new
> bibliographic records into this framework:" (select from the dropdown
> menu), but the framework for each record remains as it was before the
> exporting and importing.
>      Many thanks.
Eric Bégin

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