[Koha] Taking patron images out of db into a directory

Mark Tompsett mtompset at hotmail.com
Sun Apr 12 14:00:59 NZST 2020


Tomas Cohen Arazi wrote:
> The first step: write the tests!

By writing the tests first, you know what you are coding towards, and have 
full test coverage for what you are going to provide a patch for. This makes 
everything easier for reviewing. The test plan becomes: run the tests, they 
have full code coverage.

Mark Tompsett


El sáb., 11 de abril de 2020 17:47, Mengu Yazicioglu <mengu at devinim.com.tr>
> We've developed this kind of feature first for 3.20 version with more
> than 1,600,000 users in the past.

Ouch! We were stuck on that version for the longest time. May you have 
success in coding and implementing your patch! 

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