[Koha] GDPR - Statistics and anonymization

Jonathan Druart jonathan.druart at bugs.koha-community.org
Sat Nov 23 03:48:35 NZDT 2019

Thanks for the feedback Aaron, I will try and make it flexible,
keeping it mind your need :)

Le ven. 22 nov. 2019 à 00:47, asakovich at hmcpl.org
<asakovich at hmcpl.org> a écrit :
> Jonathan,
> First of, wow, thank you SO much for taking on this task!
> Option 1 looks really good to me. One thing, however: we’re starting to get into demographic analysis, so having a zipcode in the borrowers_anonymized table would be hugely beneficial. We’re generating choropleth maps, and borrower.zipcode provides just the right level of detail for our needs. I don’t know how well that would mesh with the overarching GDPR requirements, however (my guess: not well).
> Here’s a sample map that we can get right now; however, this requires us to pull card numbers, then extract the borrowers.zipcode, and then report the data out without the card number. Painful.
> Again, thanks for taking on this task!
> Aaron
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