[Koha] Problem with Notices & Slips

Katrin Fischer katrin.fischer.83 at web.de
Mon Feb 11 19:14:16 NZDT 2019


you can find examples for a lot of the notices in the wiki:

If you have access to your database you could also load the sample
notices using SQL. The SQL file is part of your Koha installation.

But not having the sample notices should not create any problems when
using the notices and slips tool. What you describe sounds like there
might be another problem.

How did you install Koha and which version are you using? What is the
error displaying?


On 04.02.19 14:56, अभिषेक नागर Abhishek Nãgar wrote:
> Dear All,
> I am relatively new to Koha, installed my first instance was able to import
> 40000+ titles from LibSys ane approx 3000 Users.
> Koha installation is working quite well on a 8 Gb RAM VPS Cataloguing,
> Circulation and everything thing is working just file. But No default
> templates are available under Notices & Slips I would like to enable few
> email alerts.
> When I try to add new notice it won't allow me to do and displays error to
> select a template while email phone body fields are not visible while
> creating Notice.
> Kindly suggest how to import default notices now so that it may work.
> IMO I deselected sample notices while creating instance can I now get
> default Notices & Slips
> Abhishek Nagar
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