[Koha] Problem with Notices & Slips

अभिषेक नागर Abhishek Nãgar abhishek at kashipur.in
Tue Feb 5 02:56:31 NZDT 2019

Dear All,

I am relatively new to Koha, installed my first instance was able to import
40000+ titles from LibSys ane approx 3000 Users.

Koha installation is working quite well on a 8 Gb RAM VPS Cataloguing,
Circulation and everything thing is working just file. But No default
templates are available under Notices & Slips I would like to enable few
email alerts.

When I try to add new notice it won't allow me to do and displays error to
select a template while email phone body fields are not visible while
creating Notice.

Kindly suggest how to import default notices now so that it may work.

IMO I deselected sample notices while creating instance can I now get
default Notices & Slips

Abhishek Nagar

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