[Koha] Regarding duplicate overdue notices

Katrin Fischer katrin.fischer.83 at web.de
Sat Dec 15 00:03:11 NZDT 2018

Hi Suresh,

I assume that you are using the DUE letter in your overdue notice 
trigger configuration?

Then this could be why you are seeing multiple notices with the same text:

DUE is one of the harcoded letter codes used by the advanced_notices.pl 
script. If you have patrons that have checked the "Item due" notice in 
their patron account, the notice will be sent once the item is due and 
then again when the notice is triggered by your overdue notice 

The easiest way around this would be to use another letter code for 
overdues. In the sample data it's ODUE, but it can be anything.

Hope this helps,


On 13.12.18 13:27, Suresh Kumar Tejomurtula wrote:
> Hi
> I have a query related to duplicate overdue notices.
> I deleted all my DUE notices slips in default and have DUE notices only in
> our branch. My triggers are like 1, 10 and 30 days intervel and assigned
> DUE, DUE2, and DUE3 notices respectively.
> But unable to understand how duplicate overdue notices are getting
> generated. When I check message queue table it shows only 1 message sent.
> Could you please help me on how to find why the duplicate messages are
> sent.
> Regards
> Suresh kumar
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