[Koha] MRC file import for the second time

Scott Owen sowen at edzone.net
Fri Sep 30 05:18:17 NZDT 2016

Hi Gunilla,

I did find some info regarding this....

I pulled up "tools"  then logs, under modules i selected "catalog" (with
"all" actions selected)

and then ran the report for the suspected date range....

what I found was some modifications of approx 70 items....

they all had an "info" section something like :

Catalog Modify Item 12718 item $VAR1 = { 'biblioitemnumber' => '3514',
'holdingbranch' => 'PINE', 'reserves' => undef, 'itemnotes' => undef, 'uri'
=> undef, 'itype' => 'BK', 'price' => '17.51', 'renewals' => undef,
'stocknumber' => undef, 'dateaccessioned' => '2016-09-26', 'itemcallnumber'
=> 'KIB', 'itemnotes_nonpublic' => undef, 'cn_sort' => 'KIB', 'materials'
=> undef, 'location' => 'FIC', 'biblionumber' => '3514', 'ccode' => 'FIC',
'copynumber' => '3', 'more_subfields_xml' => undef, 'stack' => undef,
'datelastseen' => '2016-09-26', 'booksellerid' => undef, 'withdrawn_on' =>
undef, 'items.cn_sort' => 'KIB', 'itemlost_on' => undef, 'notforloan' =>
'0', 'replacementprice' => undef, 'homebranch' => 'PINE', 'onloan' =>
undef, 'issues' => undef, 'itemlost' => '0', 'damaged' => '0', 'restricted'
=> undef, 'paidfor' => undef, 'cn_source' => 'ddc', 'barcode' => '75082',
'enumchron' => undef, 'permanent_location' => 'FIC', 'itemnumber' =>
'12718', 'datelastborrowed' => undef, 'coded_location_qualifier' => undef,
'withdrawn' => '0', 'replacementpricedate' => '2016-09-26' };

I haven't had a chance to check every one of the barcodes...but I'm
guessing that these may be my "missing" items....if so...that makes life
much easier...at least I know what titles / barcodes are "missing" ...then
I just need to fix them.

On Tue, Sep 27, 2016 at 4:26 PM, Gunilla Jensen <Gunilla.Jensen at niwa.co.nz>

> Hi Scott
> Here at the NIWA library we've also had some strange things happening with
> the barcodes.  For two of our journal records, barcodes have disappeared
> and we don't know why. The bibliographic record and all other item details
> remain, but the barcodes are gone.    We are three staff members and none
> of us would batch delete barcodes by mistake.  The missing barcodes for the
> National Business Review are most strange because two of the recent issues
> are on loan, so they will have had barcodes when checked in and issued, and
> the barcode will then have been deleted afterwards.  I'm not sure if our
> problem is the same as yours or if ours is linked to the MARC import, but I
> would be very interested in hearing more of what you find.
> Kind regards,
> Gunilla
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> Hi all,
> It seems that one of my people has somehow managed to remove a number of
> books (items) from our collection.
> We now have a pile of books in which the barcode does not show up in any
> type of catalog search. The marc record for the item is still in the
> system, but the item seems to have been removed
> I have preformed an SQL export of the entire collection, and the barcodes
> don't show up there either.....
> It seems to be pretty random, and I am not seeing any type of pattern... I
> have no idea what the person using the system did.....
> (my best guess is that they somehow messed up a MRC record stage /
> import...)
> However.....luckily, this was a system upgrade that is only a few weeks
> old, so I have a MRC file that includes the entire collection (including
> the missing items / barcodes).
> They have only added a few items to the collection, so they should be able
> to (fairly) easily add those items back in....
> My thoughts are to go into "staged marc record mgmt." and remove the
> initial MARC import.....the *should* remove every item from the
> collection....
> Then... import the MRC file that includes the entire collection.....
> (including the missing items) back into the system.
> Unless there is a better way ??
> Thank you,
> -Scott Owen
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