[Koha] MRC file import for the second time

Scott Owen sowen at edzone.net
Wed Sep 28 05:46:08 NZDT 2016

Hi all,

It seems that one of my people has somehow managed to remove a number of
books (items) from our collection.

We now have a pile of books in which the barcode does not show up in any
type of catalog search. The marc record for the item is still in the
system, but the item seems to have been removed

I have preformed an SQL export of the entire collection, and the barcodes
don't show up there either.....

It seems to be pretty random, and I am not seeing any type of pattern... I
have no idea what the person using the system did.....
(my best guess is that they somehow messed up a MRC record stage /

However.....luckily, this was a system upgrade that is only a few weeks
old, so I have a MRC file that includes the entire collection (including
the missing items / barcodes).
They have only added a few items to the collection, so they should be able
to (fairly) easily add those items back in....

My thoughts are to go into "staged marc record mgmt." and remove the
initial MARC import.....the *should* remove every item from the

Then... import the MRC file that includes the entire collection.....
(including the missing items) back into the system.

Unless there is a better way ??

Thank you,

-Scott Owen

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