[Koha] Data Migration from OLD koha 3.11 to new Koha 16.05

Anuj Singh ianuj.singhx18 at gmail.com
Fri Oct 28 17:55:25 NZDT 2016


I have two queries:-

1) How to* transfer old data from koha 3.11 version to new Koha 16.05
    Sir I tried a lot but couldn't succeed. Please Help me.

2) How to completely *uninstall koha*.

Sir, It is a request please don't give me links of websites, I already done
that and trying to do it from 2 weeks..., ask lots of people, but none of
that know how I *transfer data from KOHA 3.11 to KOHA 16.05.*

Somebody says that I will convert the koha 3.11 data to koha 16.05, and
successfully he did that but the problem is I cannot able to search any of
the books, journals etc . from either public OPAC or Koha Administration.

Sir, I'm also sending the *steps that I have taking to to move the OLD koha
3.11 to new KOHA 16.05.*

      a) First: *Drop the existing koha_library database;*
      b) Second, *Restore the old database(Koha.sql) using following
*             mysql -uroot -p koha_library < Koha.sql.*
      c)  Third, In
*Terminal I use following command *
*             koha-upgrade-schema library*
      d) *Fourth and Final command is-*
           *sudo koha-rebuild-zebra -v -f library*

 Sir, when I *login* it  gives *Software Error...*

Thanks & regards
Anuj Singh

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