[Koha] Friendly reminder , Dear respected Librarians(great hope you consider my survey and help me)

abdoulrahman aljounaidi abedgonidy at gmail.com
Fri Oct 28 22:22:32 NZDT 2016

*Dear respected Librarians*

I hope you receive my email with a good health.
*This is my first Email and would like to introduce myself to
KOHA community, *My name is Abdoulrahman PHD student supervised by, Prof.
Dr. Humam Mohamed in Al-Madinah International University as I am also head
of department (cataloging) in the library affairs ,i am working with KOHA
system for more than 4 years , i am very happy to join you and working as a
team together …

*As for now i really want a help from KOHA community* ,I am doing a survey
on “The Moderating Role of Interpersonal Skill in the Performance of

*My sampling size is quit big and need your very important  help to *fill
in my survey  and hopefully won’t take from you more than 5 minutes to

*Here is the link for my survey*


*Great Hope from you that you can consider my survey and help me*

Please don’t hesitate to contact me anytime ..

Hope we cooperate together in the future

I will be glad to hear from you soon..

*Thank you very much*

*Best regards*



*HOD, Cataloging Department,library affairs *

*مدير قسم الفهرسة,عمادة المكتبات**,** أ/عبدالرحمن الجنيدي*

*Tel : +603 55 11 3939 Ext: 783*

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