[Koha] Troubleshooting Z39.50 access

Eric Bégin eric.begin at inlibro.com
Tue May 10 12:01:38 NZST 2016

Try on port 2100.
Ports below 256 are restricted to root user by Linux.
If you really want to use port 210, you'll have to use iptables to forward it.
But as I mentionned, try it first with 2100.
Eric BéginSolutions inLibro inc.

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Objet : [Koha] Troubleshooting Z39.50 access 


New Koha user here and attempting to configure Z39.50 for external
libraries to harvest records.

I've configured the server directive and server info blocks which I've
shared in the following gist.


Not sure what else need to done besides bouncing the Zebra server.

Any attempt to connect on the local network or outside network returns:

Connecting...error = System (lower-layer) error

Zebra is running and the assigned port is open.

Any ideas? I'm a little familiar with yaz but haven't used it much in a
Koha context.

Thanks in advance.

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