[Koha] Koha-US mtg *correction* & agenda

Christopher Davis cgdavis at uintah.utah.gov
Tue May 10 08:19:42 NZST 2016

Dear Colleagues

You are cordially invited to this month's Koha-US online meeting
scheduled for this Wednesday, May 11th, 2016 at 11:00 am Central Time.
The meeting link sent out on May 5th is no longer valid, so THERE IS A
NEW LINK TO THIS MEETING which is <https://kslib.zoom.us/j/486630231>
(you will be required to install a Zoom meeting client onto your
computer). It is recommended that you have a webcam and microphone
ready when you join the meeting so that the rest of the participants
can interact with you (there is a chat box/window just in case you
don't have that equipment).

So far, the agenda for this meeting includes the following
points/discussion topics:

Nailing down details of the Koha-US by laws (bring a list of things
Koha-US should do for you)
A report by the Koha-US conference planning committee on the meeting
in Monterey, CA
The new listserv to replace kohana at bywatersolutions.com

If you would like add something to this agenda, please feel free to
email me it to me at <cgdavis at uintah.utah.gov>. I look forward to
seeing you at the meeting.


Christopher Davis
Secretary, Koha-US
cgdavis at uintah.utah.gov

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