[Koha] Change in results display between 3.18 and 3.22

Andy Boze boze.1 at nd.edu
Sat Jun 11 07:39:21 NZST 2016


Thanks for your reply. I hadn't realized the non-XSLT option was deprecated.

I think the librarian's opinion is that the XSLT results display is more 
cluttered than the display without XSLT. If you do a search for 
"Barauna" on each version of the OPAC, you'll get a good idea of what I 

3.18 - https://tantur.library.nd.edu/
3.22 - https://tanturpprd.library.nd.edu/

The XSLT view shows the entire MARC 245 field, but the non-XSLT view 
shows just the 245$a.

On the other hand, the Publication line of the non-XSLT display contains 
more information than the Publisher line of the XSLT display. And there 
are some other differences, too. Some of the display issues I can handle 
with CSS, such as getting rid of the "Material type" line.

One thing that is a problem is the availability showing as "Items 
available for reference". All the items in the library are 
non-circulating, but users could be led to believe the items are in the 
reference section, when they are really in the general collection. This 
is especially confusing when there are multiple volumes/copies and some 
of them don't have locations. In that case, no location is shown, just a 
call number. (See for example, the first item of the Barauna search, 
"L'Église de Vatican II".) It looks like the XSLT view tries to 
consolidate the holdings, rather than list them individually, as the 
non-XSLT view does. (I know, we should really correct the holdings with 
the location information.)

On 6/8/2016 5:32 PM, Katrin Fischer wrote:
> Hi Andy,
> on first glance, this looks like a bug.
> But please keep in mind that the non-XSLT views for result list and
> detail pages have been deprecated a while ago and are likely to be
> removed at some point in the future:
> https://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Coding_Guidelines#DEPR1:_non-XSLT_search_results_and_bib_display_templates_deprecated
> I'd be interested to know why you prefer the non-XSLT view?
> Hope this helps,
> Katrin
> Am 08.06.2016 um 18:39 schrieb Andy Boze:
>> We're currently running Koha 3.18 and planning to upgrade to 3.22 this
>> month. We have OPACXSLTResultsDisplay set to "no xslt" (i.e., blank).
>> All of the items have the status "Not for loan".
>> In our productions system (3.18), the results display shows the items to
>> be available, followed by location and call number, like this:
>>  Availability: Items available: Main Collection [261.72 M964r] (1),
>> However, on our test system (3.22), the results display shows:
>>  Availability: No items available:
>> I can change OPACXSLTResultsDisplay to "default", in which case the
>> availability line changes to:
>>  Availability: Items available for reference: [Call number: 261.72
>> M964r] (1).
>> The "default" setting causes other changes to the results display, too,
>> so we'd prefer to leave it blank, but having it say "No items available"
>> is a bit of a problem.
>> I'm wondering whether anyone knows if this change between 3.18 and 3.22
>> is a bug or was intended.
>> If anyone wants to see the difference, see the following.
>> 3.18 - https://tantur.library.nd.edu/
>> 3.22 - https://tanturpprd.library.nd.edu/
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