[Koha] Arabic Language Index/Search in 3.22 & 16.05

Jesse A Lambertson jlambertson at sqcc.org
Sat Jun 11 03:53:00 NZST 2016

Hello and Happy Friday community,

I have a question about enabling the indexing and searching of Arabic 
script in Koha.

We are currently running a package installation of 3.20 on debian 7.

In this installation, we are fully able to search in Arabic as the 880 
fields are properly indexed.

But we are also now running a dev/test koha 3.22 (installed from 
tarball) on the same server to work out some issues of our 
customization. We are planning to then update the 3.20 instance to 16.05 
on Debian 8.5. This will surely be a package installation (install 
koha-common etc).

We are having troubles getting the Arabic language indexing to work on 
the 3.22 dev/test instance (ICU is on, we followed this: 

My question is: Were there be any fundamental changes to 3.22 that would 
prevent the Arabic language indexing (880 fields) from working? Is this 
perhaps tied to the tarball installation?

Should we expect the same difficulties when we update the main instance 
then to 16.05? Or should we expect all other configurations to roll 
smoothly into 16.05?

Thank you much,


Jesse A Lambertson
Sultan Qaboos Cultural Center
Ph: (202)-677-3967 x104
jlambertson at sqcc.org
عالم الانجازات ينحاز دوماً مع المتفائلين

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