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Manos PETRIDIS egpetridis at gmail.com
Fri Jun 3 08:20:47 NZST 2016

I wonder if the ISBN search has improved since 2013. Please note the
following thread:

Στις 2 Ιουν 2016 7:13 μ.μ., ο χρήστης "Christopher Davis" <
cgdavis at uintah.utah.gov> έγραψε:

> Dear Colleagues,
> Bear with me, this message is kind of long. I just ran the "List of
> all normalized ISBNs" report found at
> <
> https://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/SQL_Reports_Library#List_of_all_normalized_ISBNs
> >.
> I then took the results of this report to search for the titles to
> which the ISBNs belong. When I search for the ISBNs using the ISBN
> filter on the the staff interface of Koha as well as the OPAC
> interface, Koha could not find most of the ISBNs; however, when I run
> a keyword search for the ISBNs, I find many more of them. Why?
> My current theory is that the ISBN filter search cannot reconcile the
> normalized ISBN which the "List of all normalized ISBNs" report
> produces. My theory is more of a "facts which support the theory" kind
> of theory, so I could be completely off on it. Your thoughts?
> TIA,
> Christopher Davis, MLS
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