[Koha] Debian packages for 16.05.00

Galen Charlton gmcharlt at gmail.com
Sat Jun 4 08:04:03 NZST 2016


The Debian package for Koha 16.05.00 is now available in the Koha Apt
repository debian.koha-community.org.

The 16.05.x package occupies the 'stable' slot.  To install Koha, you
would set your Apt source to:

deb http://debian.koha-community.org/koha stable main

Note that if you were running 3.22.x from packages (or any earlier
release series), an "apt-get upgrade" will NOT suffice to upgrade to
16.05. Instead, you should do an "apt-get install koha-common".

The koha-common package does not implement support for Elasticsearch
directly; instead, it will be necessary to install a new
koha-elasticsearch package that will install the necessary
dependencies.  This package will be available early next week.


Galen Charlton
gmcharlt at gmail.com

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