[Koha] How to find a patron with wrong privilege?

Bernardo Gonzalez Kriegel bgkriegel at gmail.com
Thu Jun 2 23:02:01 NZST 2016

> >
> > I set wrong some patrons with superlibrarian but I don't know who are
> they.
> > I looked at MySQL tables to find which tables/ columns contain
> > code/permission to filter, but failed. I didn't find anything.
> >
> > Please tell me how to filter normal patron with librarian privilege? Very
> > dangerous if the patrons login and destroy whole of Koha in production
> with
> > more than 3000 check out/check in per day.

Dangerous is to assign superlibrarian permissions and not remember to which
To find them:

> > Well, who explain me why a patron is not in Staff categories we remain
> to set
> > permission him/her as superlibrarian. This made me puzzled. I don't like
> > private permissions can override category permissions, we cannnot
> control if
> > have no the matrix to verify.

There are no category permissions, only patron permissions, for any


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