[Koha] First public library in Norway to choose Koha

Anne Lena Westrum anne-lena.westrum at kul.oslo.kommune.no
Fri Jan 17 04:53:59 NZDT 2014

Dear Community!

Oslo Public Library (a.k.a. "Deichmanske bibliotek" or just "Deichman") is happy to announce that we have decided to move to Koha as the first public library in Norway.

We are the largest public library in Norway, situated in the capital Oslo. We are fully automated with RFID and self checkout stations in most of our 17 branches. 

In 2017 we will move into a new building with a brand new book sorting system. The move to Koha is the first step in a total makeover of all our IT systems. There will be a lot of work to do on the migration, development of missing features and integrations with other systems, so we have a lot of fun in front of us :)

You can read more about the library and the process on our blog: http://digital.deichman.no/blog/2014/01/16/oslo-public-library-chooses-the-free-and-open-koha-integrated-library-system/

We have hired long time community member Magnus Enger in a part time temporary position to help us with migration and development and look forward to becoming an active part of the Koha Community. We can't wait to work together with all of you in the Community to make Koha even better! 

We also look forward to meeting some of you at hackfests and conferences in the not too distant future!

Best regards,
All the hackpeeps at Oslo Public Library

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