[Koha] What is the difference / similaritiy between libraries and branches

Josef Kreitmayer josef.kreitmayer at getactive.org
Mon Feb 24 01:17:35 NZDT 2014

Hello there,

my name is Josef, we are currently about to implement our first 1600 books
for the Future Library Vienna (Austria) in our Koha setup.

Many thanks to Nicole Engard here, most of what I know about Koha I learned
from her ByWater Solutions Koha Introduction Videos.

I tried to reserach my following topic, but could not find any answer that
gives clarity to my question.
We are setting up a library that has a main library and some branches. The
circulation is mainly closed within the branches, but books can also be
returned at other branches. We also have temporary branches. Our big
question for the Data-Implementation is: How / where do we best assign the
items? One Library, several branches? Is Branch synonymous with Library?
How do we best do for easy (mostly voluntary) administration and good

There is some posts in the list already touching the topic of libraries and
branches, but I do not really get clarity by them. Sometimes both terms are
used synonymous, sometimes they seem distincted.


Libraries and Branches | what is the difference, what is the similarity,
what does it mean administrationwise?

thank you heaps,

*Mag. Josef Kreitmayer*
E  j at getactive.org
T  0699/81 634 148


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