[Koha] Urgent needed: Fines calculation

Fischer, Katrin Katrin.Fischer at bsz-bw.de
Thu Feb 6 21:13:12 NZDT 2014

Hi Harsha,

it's hard to tell what's going on in your installation without a bit more information - are both the books in your example from the same branch? Do both have the same itemtype? How do your circulation rules look like? Are the grace periods the same?

Our libraries are using fines and it seems to work ok - so I think your problem might be in configuration.


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> Hi
> Please help me to find a solution for  correcting the  overdue fine
> calculating process. It seems  the system behave unusual manner.
> We, Open University of Sri Lanka recently moved to  Koha,  our installation
> is less than 1 month old.
> Our Koha has  serious overdue fines  calculation error. For  an example  in
> a category (lets called 'UGS')- ( same set of rule fine
> policy) not apply same way to  its the members It hard to believe, I
> repeatedly checked  the category rules and Cron but not any unusual.
> More cases;
> Scenario -1 : The Koha  calculates the  fines for overdue items in two
> different ways even though the members are in a  same category(UGS) Scenario
> -2 : lets say, A member  in a Category (UGS) has borrowed  2 books  on  a
> (same) day, but the system shows only one  book has overdue fines other book
> not
> The sever running in a Ubundu 12.04 in a sever computer, Koha 3.14v
> Harsha
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> The Open University of Sri Lanka
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