[Koha] Open source replacement for 3M self check station

Daniel Berthereau Daniel.koha at Berthereau.net
Thu Sep 26 02:35:42 NZST 2013


Since 2009, we have a 3M RFID self check in our library and it is well
integrated with Koha (3.8). But...

Some time ago, an automatic update of Windows made the self check
station unavailable. We don't have any backup or install cd (3M refused
to give it). The warrantee period is over and 3M asks a high charge to
repair it (more than 2000 euros, that is bigger than a computer and the
usual devices of a self check).

As we 're going to upgrade our Koha installation to 3.12, we want to use
an open source system to replace the software of the self check.

Does anyone has some experience for an easy-to-install free software
with that hardware ?


Daniel Berthereau

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