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.On Fri, Sep 13, 2013 at 10:36 AM, bnjha Amity <bnjha at amity.edu> wrote:

> We have been creating Barcode Label for Books in our Library.
> By default it is taking the Font size 8 while printing.
> We want to change the font size of print.

A word of advice, saying we are using Koha doesn't tell anyone which
version you are on. Without that information you may be pointed to
feature sets / steps that may not even be applicable to your case.

Anyways, I'm assuming it is the latest version you are using.

> We also want to mention the acronym of our Library on the Top of the barcode Label.
> We have not found any remedial option on Koha admin.

Read the fine manual -

Specifically take a look at the screenshot

That should fix your font size issue


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