[Koha] Why three levels in ACQ (Order, Basket. Basket group) ?

Mathieu Saby mathieu.saby at univ-rennes2.fr
Tue Sep 10 04:54:47 NZST 2013

Colin Campbell a écrit :
> On Thu, Sep 05, 2013 at 01:47:28PM +0200, Mathieu Saby wrote:
>> But in each basketgroup, we put only ONE basket. So we don't need
>> the basket grouping feature, except for printing orders.
>> The complete workflow in Koha is unnecessarily complex for us.
> I think that is a generally held view. I know a number of libraries who
> not only tend to use one basket per basket group but also one order per
> basket. When people move to electronic ordering that seems to be the
> norm.
> Certainly in the English speaking world librarians find the terminology
> a bit odd initially. 
It is odd in french too ;-)
We did not translate "basket group" litteraly but as "bordereau", which 
can be translated as "purchase order".

M. Saby

> I dont think many use the term basket until they
> encounter Koha. The koha basket corresponds to what they tend to think
> of as an order. and the koha order corrsponds to the orderline.
> Colin

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