[Koha] Why three levels in ACQ (Order, Basket. Basket group) ?

Mathieu Saby mathieu.saby at univ-rennes2.fr
Fri Sep 6 09:54:08 NZST 2013

Le 05/09/2013 14:21, Paul Poulain a écrit :
> Le 05/09/2013 13:04, Nicole Engard a écrit :
>> On Thu, Sep 5, 2013 at 5:23 AM, Zeno Tajoli <z.tajoli at cineca.it> wrote:
>>> I don't' understand well the use of Basket group.
>>> The manual is not very clear on this point.
>> That would be because I too am not really clear on the purpose of
>> basket groups :) So I didn't document it very throroughly.
> This question is probably for me ;-)
> The idea behind this is that some libraries have the following workflow:
>   * a *librarian* prepares the basket during the week
>   * on friday, a *administrative Assistant* put all baskets into a single
> order, that is sent to the vendor (and yes, the vendor want only one
> order, with 200+ lines, where there can be 20 librarians that made the
> basket, each being responsible of buying for a branch/topic/material/...)
> ATM, when you close a basket, you have an option to automatically create
> a basketgroup with the same name as the basket, and it is immediately
> closed for being printed. I think/suspect that it is Mathieu Saby
> library behaviour.

Yes, this is our behavior.

> A possible improvement could be to have a syspref to completely hide the
> basketgroup level: you close the basket, you get the PDF, and that's
> all. In this case, the basketgroup level would still be here, but unused
> & unnecessary.
It could be a good idea, but we need to develop the ability to export 
the basket in pdf, like the basketgroup (by the way, the current way of 
creating pdf for basketgroups could be improved, by using perl > html> 
pdf instead of direct perl > pdf ).

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