[Koha] Strange searching problem (3.10.1)

Nicholas van Rheede van Oudtshoorn vanoudt at gmail.com
Mon Mar 4 14:32:42 NZDT 2013

Hello all!

We've got a *very* strange searching problem that has arrived upon
upgrading to 3.10.1. In a nutshell, search results are *very* inconsistent.
For example, searching for *"five views*" (
returns 4 results, including one for the book title "five views on
sanctification". However, searching for "*five views sanctification*" (
returns a no results found page.

Similar issues occur when searching on part of a title and author. It seems
that the more precise a search is, the less chance there is of finding the

Obviously, this is quite a major problem for us!

Does anyone have any idea on what might be happening... or where to start
diagnosing this?

I've attached zebra debug logs for the two searches linked above.

God bless,
Nick van Oudtshoorn
IT - Perth Bible College

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