[Koha] Problem With Scanning Barcodes

glaws glawson at rhcl.org
Fri Jan 11 07:41:56 NZDT 2013

For some time our library has experienced problems with scanning library
card barcodes into Koha for checkout or book barcodes for cataloging,
and the system returns a patron (if library card) or item record (if
book), different from that scanned in.

The problem appears seemingly at random intervals and infrequently, but
in time clusters. It happens at two different locations, on different
computers at each location, and with those computers using different
barcode readers. This suggests the problem is not related to the client
workstations or barcode readers. I'm never close to the computers when
this happens, so I can't determine if the barcode numbers are close (off
by one digit or initial/terminal digit?), or if there is any other
relationship. I suspect neither.

I wonder if it may be something internal to Koha; I'm unsure what the
time clustering (two days ago it happened approximately eight times)
implies. We have also recently changed the system setting
"CircAutocompl" to "don't try" for a non-related issue; we'll see if
that makes a difference with the scanning.

Views and comments welcome.

Greg Lawson
Network Administrator
Rolling Hills Consolidated Library
1912 N. Belt Highway
St. Joseph, MO 64506

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