[Koha] Analytic records question

Jared Camins-Esakov jcamins at cpbibliography.com
Thu Jan 10 16:33:32 NZDT 2013


We're planning on using Koha's analytic records to handle cataloging
> of our ereaders and the ebooks loaded onto them.

Excellent! I am a big proponent of analytic records.

> (Info on analytic records here:
> http://manual.koha-community.org/3.8/en/cataloging.html#cataloganalytics)
> I'm able to link our ebook record to the record for our ereader. When
> I check out the ereader, it is correctly checked out in both the staff
> & public interfaces, as expected.
> The record for the ebook, however, shows that it is still available
> (while also showing that the ereader is checked out). Is this the
> expected behavior? Our preference would be for the ebook to show as
> checked out as well, even though there's no guarantee that this
> particular item was desired or read by the patron and we may have to
> make adjustments to our circulation statistics.

I think there might be some confusion about how analytic records work in
this context. If you are using the EasyAnalytics feature -- and that makes
sense in this context -- you have only one item record which both the host
record and the analytic records are linked to. When you check out the Nook,
you check out that item. The two records you link to tell me that you have
two items: a Nook, which includes a copy of Left Behind, and an e-book
which is not on the Nook. If your only copy of the e-book is on the Nook,
there should be only one item listed. If you also have a downloadable
e-book, there should be a second item which would naturally not be checked
out, since it does not circulate with the Nook. If the e-book circulates
independently of the Nook but is currently on the Nook so that the patron
can read it, analytics are inappropriate, because there is no mandatory
relationship between the e-book and the Nook.

Hope that helps to clarify.


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