[Koha] Newbie: MARC Framework editing question

Mirko 5p4m at gmx.de
Wed Oct 17 10:36:44 NZDT 2012

Moin Johannes,

Johannes Graumann schrieb
> Hi,
> Please bear with my ignorance ... I have created a noe MARC framework 
> (BOOKS) and also an authorized value "Languages". The framework is derived 
> from the Default framework and accordingly has a field "041 - LANGUAGE 
> CODE". I proceeded to have that mandatory and linked it to the created 
> authorized value.
> My question now is: how does this actually work when importing something via 
> z39.50 from let's say the LOC ... it's possible that MARC field definitions 
> from souces conflict with my local setup. How are conflicts handled? Is it 
> safer to generate a new (local) field rather than editing like done above?

The authorized values only work for manual cataloguing. If you
import via Z39.50 you will get whatever is in the record on the
server you are using. However you will only see a grey field /
pulldown menu if you are using a framework with authorized values
for a certain field. You can check by switching to another framework
that does not have an authorized value set for that field.

Mind if I ask where in Germany you are from and how you are planning
to use Koha? Feel free to message me offlist if preferred.

-- Mirko

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