[Koha] Migration of Multiple copies (Ruth Bavousett)

Olugbenga Adara gbengaadara at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 16 08:02:45 NZDT 2012

Hello Sunil,

--- On Mon, 10/15/12, Sunil Kumar <sunil.kumar at ecoleglobal.com> wrote:

> What I am doing is using Microsoft Excel to Convert the
> database into MARC21
> and then converting them to MRC format. 
> But when I have multiple copies, I am keeping the biblio
> records also; how
> can I remove the biblio and keep the 952 records especially
> in MS Office
> Excel. 

I dont know how your excel file looks but let me quickly share the method i adopt for doing similar migration

1. After you have your excel (or libreoffice /  openoffice) file with the data you want to migrate, seperate all multiple copies into another sheet. In other words have a spreadsheet that has no multiple copies. 2nd, 3rd etc copies goes into another spreadsheet with a similar structure as the original

2. Export out comma or tab delimited, then use MARCEdit to covert this into a valid marc file.

3. Export the sheet containing multiple copies also as comma or tab delimited, use Marcedit to generate a second marc file, this one now contains the muliple copies

4. Import the first file into Koha.

5. After the import of the first file and INDEXING, import the 2nd file, creating an appropriate match criteria to make sure that only the items information would now be imported sisce it should find matching BIBS.

I hope a made a little sense to you. Let me know if you need more explanation.

Olugbenga Adara

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