[Koha] Migration of Multiple copies (Ruth Bavousett)

Paul paul.a at aandc.org
Tue Oct 16 07:50:04 NZDT 2012

At 06:16 PM 10/15/2012 +0530, Sunil Kumar wrote:
>Dear Ruth
>What I am doing is using Microsoft Excel to Convert the database into MARC21
>and then converting them to MRC format.
>But when I have multiple copies, I am keeping the biblio records also; how
>can I remove the biblio and keep the 952 records

Been there, done it -- and it's painful. But the good news is that there's 
a reliable and straightforward workaround. Once they are in Koha, find all 
the barcodes of the items; select one biblio and "attach" all the items by 
barcode; finally delete the "empty" biblios.

>especially in MS Office Excel.

We couldn't -- and we spent an inordinate amount of time trying with 
"Office 97" (the last M$ product we ever bought a license for.) I did write 
a macro for OpenOffice v2, but it was in fact more time-consuming than the 
method above. It basically added many more, multiple columns for additional 
952 fields, but beyond 128 columns things started to go wrong on a 32-bit 
box.  This *might* be resolved with the latest AMD64 version of LibreOffice.

If you have a fairly recent version of Windows[1], try MarcEdit and join 
the mailing list at MARCEDIT-L at metis3.gmu.edu. The Professor who develops 
the software (Terry Reece) is quite brilliant and extremely helpful.

HTH - Paul
[1] we did try a few years ago to install MarcEdit with Wine on a Ubuntu 
10.04 box; maybe it worked, but it was so slow that we got nowhere with it.

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