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Hi Dagne,


please reply to the list – your question might be interesting for other libraries as well and others can try and help you when I am not around.


The checkin notice is an email with a list of the returned books. You were asking about the hold notices – those should also show up as an option in the same configuration table.


The same table should also show up in every patron account. As I wrote earlier, changes for the patron category will not be made to existing patrons, but only to new patrons. So you will have to update your existing patrons with your new messaging settings.


Best is to test with a test account to see how it all works together and how the notices look like.


Hope that explains better,





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Thank you Katrin for details information. "configure standard settings for your category types" i am not clearly understood this parts of your email. 

let me tell you what i did. i opened each category types and uder default messaging preferences for this patrons i enabled email for checkin item and then i saved the change. 



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Hi Dagne,

you can send out hold notices when the book is available for pickup. What you need to do is enable the EnhancedMessagingPreferences system preference. Then you can configure standard settings for your category types. Please note, the standards will only be applied to new, but not to your existing patrons. You can activate the hold notice in the borrower accounts.


Hope that helps,


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> Hello all, i am very happy if some one could help me. we are using koha
> 3.8.4 and there many patrons making hold for books. is there away that i
> could set to make an automatic notice when the books checked in back or
> how i could notice them.
> Thanks
> Dagne
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