[Koha] OPAC display "double vision"

Paul paul.a at aandc.org
Tue Oct 9 09:58:12 NZDT 2012

At 09:40 PM 10/8/2012 +0200, Fischer, Katrin wrote:
>Hi Paul,
>I think your problem could be related to a 6xx field without $a. The label 
>Subject(s) is showing up, but there is no link after it. I think there is 
>an open anchor tag that doesn't close breaking your display here.

Hi Katrin -- many thanks for the reply, you "hit the nail on the head."

We did have for this record:

=600  \\$a $915837

which is the "RLIN" for the author (how it got there, from the 100$a, with 
an empty 600$a is a mystery), and now after deleting the RLIN, there's no 
600 and the web page is just fine.

Would you by any chance have a suggestion as to a mysql query to find other 
records that contain the same error.  I've tried:

SELECT biblio.biblionumber, biblio.title, biblio.author
FROM biblio
RIGHT JOIN biblioitems ON biblio.biblionumber = biblioitems.biblionumber
LEFT JOIN items ON biblio.biblionumber = items.biblionumber
WHERE ExtractValue(marcxml,'//datafield[@tag="600"]/subfield[@code>="a"]') 

but get nothing. Maybe (wild dream?) there's no other erroneous records, 
but much more probably the mysql code misses the truth (it runs without 
apparent error, but...)

Again, many thanks and best regards -- Paul

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>For just a very few of our holdings (and so far we haven't found a pattern
>for the behaviour), we are getting a "double vision" effect in Firefox,
>Chrome, Opera so it doesn't seem to be browser specific.
>The book/item is found without problem, but just under the "Holdings -
>Title notes - Comments" tabs, it starts a new "page" with "No results
>found!"  As soon as you click on any of those tabs, the "double" disappears
>... but "reload" brings it back ...
>For an example please see <http://navalmarinearchive.com/ims/opac_double.jpg>
>Has anyone else ever noticed this behaviour in Koha 3.8.x?
>Many thanks -- and for Canadians, Happy Thanksgiving Day.

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