[Koha] WYSIWYG XML Editor Help

Marc Véron veron at veron.ch
Sat Oct 6 05:12:22 NZDT 2012


I just downloaded a Koha manual snapshot (English) and opened it with 
LibreOffice. I could edit, add images, save it.

However, I did not do much testing, but I think it is worth a try.



Am 05.10.2012 17:08, schrieb Nicole Engard:
> Hello all,
> Back when I started working on the manual someone here recommended XXE
> Personal Edition which was free for those working on open source
> projects.  Well this is no longer the case.  Either because of this,
> or the size of the manual, I can no longer save the manual when
> editing it in XXE (or I guess it could be a problem on my computer).
> Without commentary on my operating system ... I need a recommendation
> for a free (or cheap) WYSIWYG XML/Docbook editor that will run on Mac
> OSX.  I got some recommendations - one for Lyx, which actually doesn't
> open or edit XML or Docbook (I have it installed and did try). Another
> was for Vex which I was able to install, but can't get to open the
> manual XML file I have. Others have said Oxygen but that's $500+ and I
> can't afford that.
> So, my criteria is simple - I need to be able to edit the manual as
> one document (because of the linking between sections) and the editor
> has to be WYSIWYG (I don't have time to write out the Docbook Code)
> and it has to validate Docbook and finally it has to run on Mac.
> As 3.10 looms closer I really need to get back to editing the manual
> and adding all of the new features, so send those ideas ASAP!
> Thanks in advance for any recommendations.
> Nicole
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