[Koha] WYSIWYG XML Editor Help

Nicole Engard nengard at gmail.com
Sat Oct 6 04:08:47 NZDT 2012

Hello all,

Back when I started working on the manual someone here recommended XXE
Personal Edition which was free for those working on open source
projects.  Well this is no longer the case.  Either because of this,
or the size of the manual, I can no longer save the manual when
editing it in XXE (or I guess it could be a problem on my computer).

Without commentary on my operating system ... I need a recommendation
for a free (or cheap) WYSIWYG XML/Docbook editor that will run on Mac
OSX.  I got some recommendations - one for Lyx, which actually doesn't
open or edit XML or Docbook (I have it installed and did try). Another
was for Vex which I was able to install, but can't get to open the
manual XML file I have. Others have said Oxygen but that's $500+ and I
can't afford that.

So, my criteria is simple - I need to be able to edit the manual as
one document (because of the linking between sections) and the editor
has to be WYSIWYG (I don't have time to write out the Docbook Code)
and it has to validate Docbook and finally it has to run on Mac.

As 3.10 looms closer I really need to get back to editing the manual
and adding all of the new features, so send those ideas ASAP!

Thanks in advance for any recommendations.

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