[Koha] 3.2 to 3.8 upgrade- no items available.

clint.deckard clint.deckard at frontiers.co.nz
Fri Oct 5 12:20:33 NZDT 2012

Doing an upgrade using the same method but to 3.6 via Debian packages 
works with no issue.

clint.deckard wrote:
> I have been attempting to upgrade an installation from 3.2 running on 
> Ubuntu (was a Live CD install) to a Debian 3.8.5 via packages.
> I did a mysqldump from 3.2, then restored this to a newly created 3.8.5 
> instance. then ran koha-upgrade-schema and then koha-upgrade-to-3.4 then 
> koha-rebuild-zebra -f
> All looks good and then...
> search any item, OPAC shows "copies available (1)" but details has no 
> holdings information.
> Research turned up suggestion of dropping the database, restore from 
> mysqldump and then go to admin interface where it then wants to upgrade 
> database which it does but then on attempting to log in I get this error
> " Can't call method "param" on an undefined value at
> /usr/share/koha/lib/C4/Auth.pm line 667 koha"
> Whereupon I come to a grinding halt.
> Any suggestions for a next step? Have I missed something?
> Clint.

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